Lab Certified

It is our honour to introduce Gems Kart as one of the enormous ranges of certified Gemstones on the planet.

Gemstone certification is a procedure of assessing a piece of stone based on various characteristic properties exhibited by the gemstone and quality parameters built up by Gems industry to decide its quality and authenticity.

The universe of gemstones is extremely immense, so as its market. Where legit gemstone merchants convey the best quality gemstones to their clients, there are likewise some bogus gemstone merchants who are prepared to trick their clients by giving them fake or synthetic gemstones which are manmade and do not occur naturally in nature.

A certified gemstone is justified regardless of the cash you are paying for. Thus, it is exceedingly prescribed to you to purchase the certified gemstones. Every single gemstone in our inventory accompanies a certificate issued by renowned independent testing laboratories across the country.

GTL Jaipur Lab Certificate - Certification is the primary office at GTL, which comprehensively issues two sorts of reports – Identification and Diamond Grading.

Every single Gemstone under test is analysed by at least two gemmologists/graders freely, first utilizing the standard gemmological hardware, and afterward by scientific techniques utilizing complex spectrometers. In this way, every report issued depends on tremendous gemmological experience of the gemmologists/graders alongside scientific certainties.

IGI Lab Certificate - IGI's preeminent position in the gemmological world is no coincidence. It is the consequence of consistent research, support and collaboration with experts and buyers around the world, IGI Certificates bring certainty when purchasing or selling precious gemstones, diamonds and jewellery.

GIA Certified - GIA is the world's unparalleled specialist on diamonds, coloured stones, and pearls. A non-profitable public benefitted foundation, GIA is the main source of learning, standards and training in jewellery, diamonds, pearls and gemstones.