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Emerald ( Panna)

Emerald is a member of the Beryl family, which consists of Beryl (commonly green) itself, Aquamarine (blue), Morganite (pink), Heliodor (yellow) and Goshenite (colourless). Only green Beryl containing chromium is classed as emerald, because it is this impurity that gives the gem its beautiful colour. Emerald is rarely free of inclusions and these are sometimes referred to as the garden’ of the stone. Colour is all-important in emerald, inclusions are secondary. Look through the table of one with a magnifying glass and explore; it can be a wonderland. A perfect emerald can outrank a diamond in value. Fractures are also. Common, which raises the controversial subject of filling. Filling has been used for very many years but now commonly consists of an epoxy resin. Oils are often used to improve the appearance. Arguments have been going on in the trade as to whether filling or oiling should be declared. The general feeling is no, but agents to improve the colour must be stated. Emeralds must be handled with care: any oil used to mprove the appearance will be removed by overheating or detergents, so be careful. Diamond coating is now available to give greater resistance to wear, allegedly increasing the surface hardness to 9.6-9.8. Ultrasonic cleaners should also be avoided, as they can cause the stone to shatter, so specify this to your jeweler should you take your jewellery in for cleaning or repair. A reputable jeweler will already be aware of this. Even repairs to a ring where heat is required can damage any filling the stone has received and weaken t. However, sometimes it is possible to replace the filler and re-oil the stone. The current sources of emerald are Colombia, Brazil, Russia, Australia, south Africa, India, Afganistan and Zambia plus a few minor sources. Recently, finds of gem quality have been made in Canada. A rare form of emerald, the Trapiche (tra-FEE-chee), is only found in Colombia. Its name comes from the spoked cog-wheel used to grind sugarcane, as the stone displays a spoke-like pattern, w

Weight(Caret) 3
Gemstone Emerald (Panna)
Treatment Heated
Shape Oval
Origin Brazil