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Kyanite-0.97 carat

M.R.P.: 970
You Save: 48 (5%)

Kyanite gemstones come in striking shades of green, orange, black, grey, yellow, white, and blue being the most popular ones. It has calming effect on the body and encourages progressive outlook by removing anger, depression and frustration. It promotes healthy relationship and also improves the communication skills. It develops the mind and enhances individualism. It will keep you ahead in the path of success. It has the healing power for eyes, thyroid, lungs, vocal cord, neck, and also the sense of smell. It normalizes the blood pressure and develops body motion. It also helps in meditation. It is recommended to those persons whose speaking skills are the key to their success such as salesmen, teachers, singers, lawyers, diplomats and counselors.

Weight (Caret) 0.97
Weight (Ratti) 1.08
Gemstone Kyanite
Treatment Unheated and Untreated
Shape Oval
Origin Pending Classification