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Malachite-6.31 carat

M.R.P.: 978
You Save: 59 (6%)

Malachite is a beautiful opaque green banded gemstone. Malachite protects from the negativity and danger. It increases the confidence and will power. It absorbs pollutants and protects against harmful radiation and electromagnetic pollution. It is also protects against accidents. It develops the awareness and heals mental problems. It improves the immune system and ensures proper functionality of liver. It is helpful in for diabetic persons and also has healing properties for digestive system and arthritis. It gives relief from the mensuration pain, enhances women’s reproductive system and also provides assistance during childbirth. Malachite is the birthstone of Taurus who is born between April and May. It is also recommended to cancer and Scorpio.

Weight (Caret) 6.31
Weight (Ratti) 7.01
Gemstone Malachite
Treatment Unheated and Untreated
Shape Oval
Origin Pending Classification