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Moss Agate-6.21 carat

M.R.P.: 963
You Save: 77 (8%)

Moss Agate is a powerful healing gemstone that helps in physical and mental healing. It makes the wearer more confident and help to get rid of stress and societal pressure. It makes capable of facing the financial problems. It also motivates to keep the will power and dreams high. It makes the wearer creative. It also brings success, wealth and prosperity. It helps to achieve the personal goal. It develops the feeling of institution so that the wearer becomes aware of the seen and unseen things. It helps the wearer to overcome from his addiction and increases his will power to recover easily. It removes toxins from the body and ensures proper digestion. It enhances mental concentration and treats the dehydration and irritation through fungal infections. It is the zodiac stone of Gemini and is recommended to persons born between May and June.

Weight (Caret) 6.21
Weight (Ratti) 6.90
Gemstone Moss Agate
Treatment Unheated and Untreated
Shape Oval
Origin Pending Classification