Padparadscha-1.46 carat

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Origin: Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
Beautiful Natural Padparadscha-1.46 carat from Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Padparadscha Sapphire is a rare and precious gemstone of the Corundum mineral family. It improves the physical health and boosts confidence and improves social status. It increases the concentration and helps the wearer to accomplish their professional goals. It removes negative emotions and brings peace and happiness. It relieves from depression and motivates the wearer. It stimulates immune system and helpful in the disorders related to stomach and urinary issues. It is also helpful in lowering down the fever and strengthens the eye-sight. It is beneficial for the reproductive system and treats the psychological disorders. It is the zodiac sign of Libra. It is recommended to people working as justice/magistrate or religious preachers, journalists and lawyers.

Weight (Caret) 1.46
Weight (Ratti) 1.62
Gemstone Padparadscha
Treatment Unheated and Untreated
Shape Oval
Origin Sri Lanka (Ceylon)